Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We held our annual Thanksgiving feast at Nic and Lori's home- definitely an "over the river and thru the woods" experience!
Good food and good company made for a lovely day. 
Although Jan, David, Mark, Danny, Stephen, Laurie and families were not physically in attendence, they certainly were with us in our thoughts and prayers.
We thank God for the special gift of family and friends.

what a spread!

my first helping

the chef extraordinaire
Lori in charge of the deserts

Trevor educated us on "Fans 101"!

Zak and his little girls, Joni and Stevie

Turkey Dynasty
The Davis trio

The Leslie Wantz clan

the pity picture

our little gobblers

Uncle Colin is so funny!
and still making them laugh!

ready to brave the snow for trip home to Lakewood

Happy Birthday girl

The "after party" at my house... cards and football games.
Dexter loved his girlfriend Mya- 11 years his senior!

this is how we all felt in our self induced triptophan comas...

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night..."


  1. So sweet! Loved all the photos! Everyone looks great. I wish someone here could have taken photos of our day. You are blessed to have Judi as the Kucera historian!

  2. Looks wonderful! Family, food an fun! An unbeatable combo. Your family babies are mighty cute. Great post!

  3. Thanks Judi for doing these- great pics! It was a fun day and afterparty too! Nice yearly tradition- I'm glad the babies hung in there so we could stuff ourselves and enjoy this year too!