Saturday, October 18, 2014

We are Family

Yesterday was a special day in our family.  It was 5 years to the day since we lost our beloved mother and we gathered together to remember her in our hearts.
 What better way then to eat some of the delicious foods from our past.   I made her infamous "grandma's potato salad" and got the recipe  just right!
It was "bring your own meat" for the grill and a potluck dish.  Everyone brought their best and there was plenty for all.
We also celebrated the special guests who were in town for a visit-  Danny, all the way from Cambodia and Uncle Lowell from Kansas City, Mo.
Cheesy potatoes, sour kraut, sausage, beans, etc.

Head of our household

lovely sisters in law Diane and Cheryl
Uncle Danny  with Zak

eight of ten  (miss you Steve and Laurie)
guest of honor, Uncle Lowell

open your eyes, Danny!!
shall we gather at the table
Nic's new hippie look- move over Bude!

Mom's potato salad (before)
my potato salad finished product in red pan
Roy the chef meister

looking for Danny's keys
and we are still looking...