Saturday, June 29, 2013

braving the weather for a cruise

Summer Catch up

Renee's 30th Birthday

30 degrees!!

Renee and Lois celebrated their birthdays on Mother's Day... May 12th.
It was FREEZING (literally) but our hearts and laughter kept us all toasty warm.
We celebrated at Lake Sippo with family and friends.
Trevor: the masked man

Lake Sippo
I drove down to Ashland and enjoyed the hospitality of the Starkey's on their pontoon boat.  
Cindy, Harvey, Donna, Larry and I spent quality time together and made another happy memory.

Chef Larry at the grille

Donna's beautiful yard

garden paradise

Nature on the lake

Larry's yard work supreme
And, finally, I adopted a dog- for six days!
Sadly, she was far too active (very high maintenance) for this almost 64 year old to keep up with.
Her name was Lexi. She was a 7 month old yellow lab that had spent too much time caged and untrained.
I feel guilty and will think long and hard before I allow myself another impulsive mistake.
Sorry, Lexi.
Forgive me.

Bella and Lexi chilling... for 15seconds!
Photo: Bella and Lexi
then non stop play
the calm before the storm

Good bye, little Lexi...