Thursday, January 9, 2014

Visitors from the South

photo by Nic

We had great participation for our 2013 holiday festivities.
Laurie, Mitch, Spencer and Jack flew up from the tropical Florida Keys for a week of Northern chills and thrills.  Polar Vortex notwithstanding, we all kept warm, safe and entertained, thanks to the generous hospitality of  the Ohio Bunch.
The only absent sibs were Jan, Danny, Stephen ...& families.
You all were missed and very much in our thoughts and prayers.
NEXT year, let's try for 100% perfect attendance. (We aren't getting any younger, you know...)

the "kids table"

Lasagna night at Lois and Chris's new home

Masseur Mitchel attending to Laurie
Mark & Jocy: first guests Christmas Eve at my house

Madison stuck at top of stairs.  Roy carried her down to join the party! 

Christmas Day at Beth and Roy's

winners of the reindeer games

dead dog stockings

expecting couple #1

expecting couple #2
my pepper jelly cream cheese Christmas tree snack
Harry lost top of his $100 head, thus the Santa hat!
the "Oplatky boys" read the traditional Christmas devotion


waiting( and waiting)  for Beth and Lois's family to arrive!

I thought we said "NO PRESENTS"?!

I nominate  Lois and Chris for 2014!!